Financial policies

Professional Fees

Professional fees vary according to the service provided. Please refer to the fee schedule below. In addition to typical appointments, there may be a charge for other professional services you may need (e.g., telephone conversations lasting longer than 10 minutes, attendance at meetings with other professionals you have authorized). Any legal proceedings with your child/family will need to be discussed prior to participation, and a separate legal service fee contract will need to be discussed and signed.

Psychological Therapy and Assessment

  • Initial Clinical Interview is billed at $250 per 60-90 minute unit
  • Individual Psychotherapy is billed at $75 per 20-30 minute unit
  • Individual Psychotherapy is billed at $150 per 45-50 minute unit
  • Individual Psychotherapy is billed at $200 per 75-80 minute unit
  • Family Therapy is billed at $150 per 45-50 minute unit
  • Family Therapy is billed at $200 per 75-80 minute unit
  • Psychological Testing, Educational Testing, and Report Writing are billed at $150 per 45 min unit
  • Out of office staffings/consultation is billed at $150 per 45 minute unit (plus travel time)
  • Phone consultations lasting longer than 10 min are billed at fees of : $25 (for calls 11-20 min) and $50 (for calls lasting 21 min or more)

Medication Management

  • Initial Clinical Evaluation is billed at $225-300 per 60 minute unit
  • Medication Management follow up visits are billed at $75-100 depending on time and complexity

Fees for Psychological Testing Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations that involve psychological testing range in price according to the number of testing hours needed to complete the evaluation.  Testing hours include: administration time, scoring of materials, interpretation of findings, and integration of results into a written report.  The number of testing hours per evaluation varies greatly depending on the presenting concerns and specific tests needed to adequately assess these concerns.  If psychological testing is needed, an estimate of testing hours and specific cost for the evaluation will be discussed after the initial visit with Dr. Warnes.

Billing and Payments

Cash, check, and credit card are all accepted forms of payment for services in this clinic.  The parent who brings the child is responsible for payment in full at the time of service.  If the child attends a session without a parent, payment will need to be sent with the child.  In the case of separated or divorced parents where one parent is court-ordered to pay for services, a copy of this document (in its entirety) is required before this information can be used.  Also in cases of separation/divorce where both parents have legal custody, both parents are required to sign financial paperwork and the consent for treatment.

Insurance Reimbursement

At this time, providers in this clinic are “out of network” with all insurance companies and do not bill insurance directly for services. Insurance companies require a clinical diagnosis, and sometimes require additional clinical information such as treatment plans, summaries, or copies of the entire record (in rare cases). This information becomes part of the insurance company files. Remaining fee-for-service providers allow for more privacy to this regard and flexibility in clients’ treatment than would participation in-network with managed care.

Although we do not accept insurance directly, your insurance company may reimburse you for a percentage of your fees as an “out of network provider.”  We will provide you with a statement suitable for submitting to your insurance company should you choose to file claims on your own, and the insurance company will reimburse you directly. While many patients are successful in seeking reimbursement for at least a portion of their assessment and therapy fees, please remember that reimbursement is considered a matter between you and your insurance company. Always check with your insurance company directly for questions about your coverage and out of network benefits.

If insurance does not cover mental health services, then you are likely eligible to deduct the cost of services on your tax return as a health-related expense (please consult your accountant or tax return advisor for specific guidelines and information). You can also use money from a health savings account or flex account to pay for services.

Determining your insurance coverage for mental health services:

To determine your mental health coverage, the first thing you should do is check with your insurance carrier by calling the number on the back of your card listed for mental health. Check your coverage carefully and find the answers to the following questions:

  • Ask if you have “out-of-network” benefits?
  • Is there a deductible that must be met first, and how much is your deductible?
  • If there is a deductible before mental health services are reimbursed, is this the same deductible for “in-network” vs. “out of network” providers?
  • What is the coverage amount for the assessment and therapy session? Usually the insurance company reimburses a percentage of what it has deemed “usual and customary.”
  • How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?
  • Is a prior authorization needed for psychological testing?  If so, what form is used for this authorization?